10.09.2007 - This project is closed !

I have stopped Blackhseep 2 years ago. At the moment I am using a Mac. The adressbook on the mac has everything I need.

If you want to take over the project, leave me a small notice.

08.04.2005 - Version 0.67 released !

After 2 years I updated BlackSheep today. Sadly there is no new feature. I only updated the Libraries that are included in BlackSheep.

I don't have Time to add the Features on the wishlist. My other Project keeps me very very busy...

If you like BlackSheep and want to add some Features, feel free to contact me!

19.10.2003 - Version 0.666 released !

Yeah! I reopened BlackSheep.

A lot of new stuff:

  • Completely refactored
  • Tons of Errors removed
  • Tons of little new Features
  • New Icons
  • Improved the Image loader
  • Added new Skin: Plastic
  • Some other minor improvements
  • Replaced Launch.exe with BlackSheep.exe (created with JSmooth)
  • New Setting: Save last View
  • Show SplashScreen while loading

Have fun with it !

07.04.2003 - Version 0.5 released !
Sorry, but this will be the last version. I fixed all known Bugs (saving, table handling...). I have no time to continue this project.
12.05.2002 - Version 0.3 released !
New features:
  • Changed street, zip etc are seperated (see screenshot)
  • Settings Dialog now Updates on OK
  • New Setting: Change the LookAndFeel
  • Added new LookAndFeel: Metouia
  • Settings Dialog now translated into German
I hope the next release will have import/export...
28.04.2002 - Version 0.2 released !
Hey...v 0.2 has arrived ! A great new feature was added:
Thumbnails !! Just look at the screenshots or download it !
21.04.2002 - First Release !!
Welcome to the first release of BlackSheep, my little Java-AddressBook-App. To find out more about it, take a look at the screenshots or read the description. But the best way will be to see it in action. Logo